Welcome to the GPU assignment website!

This website holds all the information for the GPU assignment of the Embedded Computer Architecture course provided by Eindhoven Univeristy of technology in 2016-2017.

In the GPU assignment you will port an application to a GPU, and write a report about your findings and results. The application of this year will be a coinporaal miner, a variant on the bitcoin mining applications that have become very popular in recent years.

For information on the assignment and how to submit the report, head over to the application and guidelines pages. The deadline to hand in your reports is January 9th.

Apart from the assignment, we are also organizing a small competition where you can compete with your fellow students for who can create the fastest coinporaal miner. The competition is not obligatory for the course, but students form previous years were always very ethusiastic about it. For more information on how to compete, head over to the competition page.

Happy programming!

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